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Craig Winters

Loan Officer

Cell: 503-724-3446
Direct: 503-765-1156
E-Fax: 503-339-1982
NMLS# 1058715

Simple, organized, courteous. The loan process has a lot of moving parts and many details. Keeping things simple through a defined process helps things go smoothly. Your best interest and peace of mind is my main focus. I believe that even though financing is “all about the numbers” this is still a “People” business at heart.

Kate Myers

Loan Officer

Cell: 503-753-2577
Direct: 503-765-1158
E-Fax: 503-339-1971
NMLS# 1048121

Local, local, local! I love Portland and the NW as a whole. Having grown up here and lived in several other places, I am so grateful to call Oregon my home. Who can beat our generally mild weather, friendly people and interesting things to do? If you need a home that puts you right in the middle of all that is good in the NW – call me and let’s run the numbers.

Wait, why are you hesitating?  Is your life just so busy right now that you can‘t spare the time to manage the process.  Allow me to assist.  Through excellent customer service and the canny use of technology, we can make things as smooth as possible.  My team consists of 5 specialists and numerous experts in every area of lending.  Let me make my team YOUR team – and you’ll see how much we can accomplish!

Are you still hesitating?  Sometimes things in our past make us unsure that we want to take the next big step forward.  Divorce, bankruptcy, tough times that created tough decisions can happen to everyone.  If you are looking to make something good happen for you – then I‘m on your team.  There aren’t many problems that don‘t have solutions… they just require a plan and the desire to stay the course.  Remember, I’m on your side and will never make you feel small for what’s happened in the past.

Robert Lippi

Loan Officer

Cell: 503-522-3121
Direct: 503-522-3121
E-Fax: 503-972-1626
NMLS# 846031

I have been a loan originator for over 15 years and am licensed in both Oregon and Washington. I have experience in nearly every kind of residential mortgage loans, but my specialty is home loans for teachers. I have a great understanding of the special needs of educators, having been a mathematics teacher for 24 years.

Peter Wease

Sales & Development Manager

Cell: 503-267-6391
Direct: 503-765-1173
E-Fax: 866-308-3261
NMLS# 254279

Allowing you the space to make the right choice when it comes to your mortgage loan.

With twenty one years of experience in the Banking/Sales industry, Peter has attained a unique and desirable work ethic that can help anyone. Peter has been trained in underwriting and processing of mortgage loans as well as provided instructional classes to professionals and consumers relating to credit repair and strategic financing using your home mortgage. Through his nation-wide network of business contacts, affiliates, and resources, Peter is dedicated to providing top notch service and assistance in finding the personalized solution that meets everyone’s needs.

Peter, a Portland native, graduated from the Portland State University and decided to explore the world around him. Living on the East coast for three years (two in Boston and one in Vermont) gave him an appreciation for his native home and supplied him the tools and contacts he needed to succeed.

In the mid 90’s, Peter started his career and went on to become a trusted Mortgage Advisor. His passion for the industry is evident with every client he works with. Stating

“I’ve seen too many people end up with less than desirable results when refinancing, buying, or selling a home. Most of us have heard various horror stories from friends and family. I would never want this to happen to you. With this in mind, I would like to be your trusted Mortgage Advisor and Financial Strategist for life. If you really think about it, this makes a lot of sense. You don’t change your doctor every time you need healthcare, so why would you want anything less than a trusted debt manager for life?”

Peter is driven to help families implement and customize a financial strategy relating to their home, so they may be able to maximize their monthly savings. “I promise that I will be there for you, your family, your friends, and your associates by offering you more than any other mortgage professional. My expertise has evolved into complex mortgage planning and equity management strategies that help clients like you to create more wealth and financial safety over their lifetime. This is my pledge to you.”

Joel Martin

Loan Officer

Cell: 503-807-7804
Direct: 503-765-11783
E-Fax: 1-866-520-4201
NMLS# 100117

Nick Brusich

Loan Officer

NMLS ID 1059137
Cell: 503-853-2123
Office: 360-949-1509
E-Fax: 866-561-7014

Licensed in both Washington and Oregon

Nick has over 10 years of experience in residential lending, financial planning, and business development. He specializes in guiding clients through the home buying and refinancing process by taking a comprehensive approach to understanding their short and long-term financial goals. Nick is committed to creating an excellent experience through clear communication, quick responses, and being an advocate for his clients. Outside of work, Nick loves to spend time with his family, travel, live music, and is an avid soccer fan.

Christy Coronado

Loan Officer

NMLS ID 1287268
Cell: 503-270-1739
Office: 503-765-1150
E-Fax: 1-866-552-9959

Mike Maier

Home Loan Consultant

NMLS #502274
Cell: 503-545-9879
E-Fax: 503-405-7278

Chris Yeager

Loan Officer

NMLS ID 897617
Cell: 503-490-5187
Office: 503-765-1185
E-Fax: 1-866-601-3266

Jana Capua

Loan Officer

NMLS ID 404139
Cell: 503-310-8450
Office: 503-765-1162
E-Fax: 1-866-552-6408

Liz Soucie

Loan Officer

NMLS ID 1712117
Cell: 503-891-5891
Office: 503-765-1184
E-Fax: 1-866-936-4764

Robert Biancardi

Loan Officer

Cell: 503-997-7246
Direct: 503-765-1150
NMLS# 58432

Nikki Shauer

Transaction Coordinator

Cell: 503-572-5882
Direct: 503-765-1164
E-Fax: 503-972-1859

Alicen Wilcox

Administrative Assistant

Cell: 503-953-3333
Direct: 503-765-1165
E-Fax: 866-427-1543

Alicen is a positive and enthusiastic Administrative Assistant at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. with the responsibility of making operations run smoothly.

Alicen lives in Portland but grew up in Northern California. When she was younger, she competitively competed in Gymnastics all over California and Oregon. With that, she learned discipline and motivation to succeed.  With a confident and organized personality, she is here to help with any tasks or functions that come along. In her spare time, she has been a part of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society which raises money for blood cancers. In April of 2014 her team raised over $100,000 for the organization and participated in a half marathon in Washington D.C. She is here to assist you and make the process of buying your home more comforting and exciting.

Having a hard time getting started with your home buying process? Have questions that need to be answered? We are here to help you! We are on your side, it’s the Fairway! We have determined and knowledgeable Loan Officers here to assist you with whatever you need. Don’t hesitate to call, the home buying process can be a big step, but we are here for you every step of the way. Pick up the phone and call a Mortgage Specialist now! Our direct line is (503) 765-1150. We look forward to talking with you soon!

-Alicen  Wilcox